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Following Services & Support Offered:

The following services are offered mainly for the purpose of stress management and relaxation


*  Reiki treatments, training's and certifications offered


Gift Certificates available

60 min $120

90 min $150

Packages available of  5 sessions for $500


Coaching/counselling sessions

Coaching sessions are to empower you to reach your desired goals. If you desire to create powerful change and clarity, a coaching session with Angelika will allow you to get to the core of your issues that keep you from reaching the next level of freedom and greatness. She is trained in strategic intervention and you will be given insights and tools to use immediately towards any area of your life. Angelika is known for her excellent listening skills and ability to finding ways to clearly propel clients into a compelling future.

*The "Ultimate Classic Reiki Treatment"

This popular treatment started our business over 18 years ago and continues to be a favourite. Gentle relaxing music allows you to unwind by candlelight in a peaceful and warm environment; a herbal pillow is placed on your eyes for a deeply relaxing, restorative treatment.                                                                                         

*Chakra Balancing

If you desire complete balance and clarity, this treatment is for you.  Essential oils, crystals, sound therapy and massage add to an incredibly enlightened feeling.  Complete this treatment with herbal tea.

*Shamanic Reiki Treatment

Combining Reiki with shamanic tools empowers you to move and release deep obstacles naturally on all levels in your life. Crystals, power animals, spirit guides and working with the 4 elements by relaxing music, candlelight, with optional Infrared bio crystal mat for up to 2 hrs..

*Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Massage

This treatment combines aromatherapy, heat and massage with a particular focus on the spinal muscles. It is especially effective in reducing pain and inflammation, improves circulation and balances the autonomic nervous system.                                                                                                              

Combination Massage and Intuitive Readings

Relax; unwind on a massage table with new clarity and insights after you received an intuitive reading. Includes hot compress, aromatherapy, head, neck, face and shoulder massage. This reading allows you to connect with your guides and angels. Find answers to any question by directly conversing with them.

Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

Angelika uses her intuitive gifts for very heartfelt readings unique to each individual. Together you establish a clear path to receive clarity for any pending issues. You will leave with clarity on your next move for your current situation and confirm any questions you need answered.