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Angelika Bendrich is the Founder of Fundamentals of Life™, a service company dedicated to providing effective pathways to maximum health and wellness for its clients.

It was her own struggle with the loss of health that brought her to explore the field of health and education over the past 4 decades.

Undiagnosed food allergies, chronic illness and facing her own death after the medical profession gave up on her brought her to explore energy medicine and transpersonal counselling all of which she now combines to assist others on their healing journey.

In dealing with the loss of both her parents to cancer, Angelika learned to turn her grief into a powerful journey of personal growth and discovery; and along the way, she has successfully overcome her own serious health challenges – including chronic fatigue, cancer and the loss of her only child.

In addition to being a gifted, natural healer, Angelika has added many methods to her considerable resources. She is a Certified Registered Counselor, a Reiki Master, a Holistic Nutritionist and a Energy Worker. In addition, she utilizes many other modalities to support and empower her clients in achieving optimal wellness.  Angelika also facilitates groups, leads workshops and enjoys being a public speaker.


I am so proud of what we are offering at Fundamentals of Life Services because we not only jam

pack our courses with holistic information and tools of empowerment  but are totally individually focused to assist you to claim access to your own health

Angelika’s own journey in dealing with cancer, chronic disease and childhood sexual abuse  lead her into energy work and nutritional lifestyle coaching.


Now radiantly healthy, she is sharing her new found life full of joy and purpose. She combines her many talents with heart, soul, and spirit to bring forward a counselling practice through which she teaches how to live a life of integrity, inspiration and magnitude.


As professional speaker, facilitator and registered counsellor  she inspires others to transform the darkness and difficulties into stepping stones and find their voice and power.  Angelika offers ongoing workshops, seminars, individual and group sessions to help you heal from trauma, loss and painful experiences.


She holds a Diploma in Counselling Psychology from  the Clearmind International Institute, as well as a diploma in Holistic Nutrition from the Toronto Institute for Holistic Nutrition. She is a Teacher & Student of A Course in Miracles.                     As Reiki Master  she offers classes and treatments since 1998 . Her expertise in the field of Health and Wellness including early childhood and adult education extents over twenty years.